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Saturday, 30 April 2016

The twenty-sixth step in my A-Z of quirky ancestor antics - Z is for zzzZZZzzz and letting sleeping beds lie

I was stumped for what to include in this final post for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. So, I resorted to the Macquarie Concise Dictionary (1998, edited by A. Delbridge and J. Bernard) for some ideas. On the final page of z words, I found a definition for zzz which is described as "a conventional representation of sleep or the sound of snoring, used especially by cartoonists" (p. 1376).

So, this is quirky ancestor story I have about Z, zzz and an old bed.

Z is for zzzZZZzzz  and letting sleeping beds lie.

During the late 1890s and the early to mid 1900s, many of my maternal grandmother's family members lived in a few different houses on Renwick St in Drummoyne, a suburb of Sydney. The story goes that, when the family needed to do a bit of cleaning up, they decided to throw out a load of old furniture they no longer wanted, including an old iron bed. At the time, it must have been difficult to get rid of big household rubbish, like old bits of furniture.

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/scrapyard-recycling-dump-garbage-70908/ (Creative Commons licence)

Instead of removing the rubbish from the premises and taking it to the local tip, they decided to bury it all instead, including an entire iron bed.

So, if you live somewhere on Renwick Street, Drummoyne in Sydney, you may not have to dig too deep in the backyard to find an old iron bedhead

Source: http://cdn.morguefile.com/imageData/public/files/g/gracey/preview/fldr_2004_08_27/file000637373065.jpg (Creative Commons licence)

Thanks for following my posts in the April 2016 A-Z Blogging Challenge and thanks for your comments.


  1. My grandmother's old iron bed is under my daughter's ex-boyfriend's house as far as I know..or perhaps buried like your ancestors.

  2. Interesting! Imagine how much household stuff is underground that we could dig up to find out about our ancestors.

  3. What an appropriate tale for zzz. I have enjoyed your quirky posts - not too short, not too long, with a touch of humour = just right.

  4. To bad it wasn't wooden, then they could have just burned it. Wonder how long it would take to rust away.