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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The tenth step in my A-Z of quirky ancestor antics - J is for journey of a lifetime

A few years ago I had the journey of lifetime, tracing the steps of many of my ancestors. Here is a taste of some of the places I visited.

The courthouse where my convict ancestor, Thomas RILEY, was trialled, back in 1834 before he was transported to Australia in 1835.

Wexford Courthouse, County Wexford, Ireland

New Ross in County Wexford, the hometown of Thomas RILEY.

A town of New Ross, County Wexford

Kilmihil in County Clare, the town where my BUTLER ancestors were living before they immigrated to Australia.

The town of Kilmihil, County Clare, Ireland

Kilmihil Catholic Church

The beautiful town of Winterborne Whitechurch in County Dorset in England where my Kingsbury, WEY, HOLLOWAY, STICKLAND and WARREN ancestors lived for many generations before one branch of the KINGSBURY family moved to Wales.

St Mary's Church, Winterborne Whitechurch

St Mary's Church, Winterborne Whitechurch

The tiny town of Killea, near Templemore, in County Tipperary where my KENNELLEY/ KENEALLY ancestors lived.

Entrance to the town of Killea

Killea Catholic Church

Killea Cemetery, County Tipperary

The tiny town of Ysceifiog in Flintshire, Wales, where my KINGSBURY ancestors lived, after they moved from Winterborne Whitechurch, County Dorset in England.

There were other places I visited during this journey of a lifetime, but I'll have to leave them for another day, another blogpost.

Don't you just love walking in the footsteps of your ancestors! There is something very special about the feeling you get walking down roads where you know they walked, going into churches you know they visited during happy and sad times, wandering along the banks of rivers near to their homes.


  1. Spine-tingling stuff. Thanks for sharing your pictures. They have whet my appetite for my Irish journey in June.

  2. I absolutely love visiting ancestral places...you see unusual villages and meet different people than when you're on the tourist trail.

  3. Yep, I agree. Love visiting these places. Kathy Wurth (interviewed her in Episode 53 and 54 of Genies Down Under podcast) runs a business organising trips like this, Family Tree Tours. What a great way to earn a living!