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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The fourth step in my A-Z of quirky ancestor antics - D is for droves of diverse ancestors

This is the fourth step in my Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2016).

It's difficult to put my ancestors together in a thematic group. The further and further back I go with my family history research, the more diverse my ancestors seem to have been. So, this is why I have chosen ...

D is for droves of diverse ancestors

as the fourth step in my A-Z of quirky ancestor antics.

Please allow me to introduce you to some of my dead ancestors. Where the D-words associated with some of these ancestors were not so complimentary, I've ensured their names have not been disclosed for the purposes of decency and to ensure their descendants are not discomfited.

My paternal grandmother's people were the Butlers and Fitzpatricks from Doolough, a tiny townland in County Clare.

Maria and Ellen BUTLER

Mary FITZPATRICK, mother of Maria and Ellen BUTLER

Then there was an old great-Uncle who was known for being dishevelled and keeping his trousers tied up with a piece of rope.

Don't forget great-Uncle Carew who, at one stage, ran a tent-pub at the Dunedoo races

Carew NORTHCOTE (far right) running his tent-pub at Dunedoo Races

Some disobedient ancestors were known for their run-ins with the wrong side of the law for assault, being drunk and disorderly or using obscene language.
In many photos of ancestors from days gone by, a dog or two can be found as dear companions.

Some downright difficult-to-identify photographs ...

Who is this lovely looking woman?

Who is this dashing moustached man?

Who do these feet belong to?


Back in England, we find Aunt Sally, a dynamic woman by all accounts.

No doubt, there are other ancestors that I have not mentioned in this blogpost, including some difficult, dangerous, disappointing, disappointed, dutiful, divorced and even drunk ones. Stay tuned for future A-Z blogposts and you may meet some of them.


  1. What a great, whimsical way to treat D. So much fun!

  2. Thanks for reading and for your comments, Pauleen and Alex.

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