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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Clooney in County Clare

Although we aren't sure if our BUTLER family lived in the Clooney area of County Clare, I've included the pics I took of the area during my recent trip to Ireland, when I drove from Tulla to Kilmihil:

Tulla to Kilmihil, via Clooney

For some reason, this little old house and gate caught my eye, just near the entrance to the town of Clooney.

Some other pics of the area ...

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Step 10) Questions remaining about my BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors

There are still some questions that remain ...

Exactly where did the BUTLERs live in Cragg, Craggaknock, Doolaugh, Inchicrocan and Kilmihil?

Why did the leave County Clare to live in Australia?

What happened to the mother, Mary BUTLER (nee FITZPATRICK)? Did she leave Ireland? Did she arrive in Australia? Did she sail for America? Did her ship sink on the way to America?

Where were the BUTLERs born?

Where did John BUTLER, the father of the siblings who moved to Australia, die in Ireland?

Where are my BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors buried in Ireland.

That concludes my July 2014 journey around County Clare but I doubt it will be my last journey to this beautiful Irish county.

If you have any questions or find any errors in my blogposts, feel free to email me at mariaseddon@gmail.com

Step 9) Clohanes burial ground near Craggaknock (re BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors)

Although I couldn't find any familiar names in this cemetery, I spent a while here checking out the various gravestones and memorial plaques.

There are certainly worse places to be buried in the world. This is a lovely cemetery, overlooking typical Irish green fields and the Atlantic Ocean.

That concludes my County Clare journey. So what questions do I have left about my BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors:

Step 10) Questions remaining about my BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors

Step 8) From Kilmihil to Craggaknock (re BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors)

Mary Butler was born in Craggaknock, County Clare, in 1865 of parents John BUTLER and Mary FITZPATRICK. Mary was my great grandmother's (Margaret BUTLER) sister.

Craggaknock seems to be a townland rather than an actual town. It is located just outside of Creegh, not too far from Kilmihil. It's a beautiful area with some views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here are a few pictures of the area around Craggaknock. I made a special effort to photograph any old houses in the area.

The only definite sign, apart from the GPS, that I was in Craggaknock was the sign for this B&B.

Perhaps the BUTLERS lived in one of these old houses long ago? 

Next step on my County Clare journey:

Step 7) The old church at Kilmihil (re BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors)

Before I headed off to find Craggaknock, I spent a short time visiting the old church and the graveyard at Kilmihil.

Whereas the new church was built in 1831, the old church, St Michael's Church was founded around 530AD when St Senan dedicated the church to St Michael. The name of the town, Kilmihil, means Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Next step on my County Clare journey: