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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Step 5) From Kilmihil to Creegh and back again, via Leitrim Graveyard (re BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors)

On the way to Creegh, out of Kilmihil

Part way between Kilmihil and Creegh, I came across a small cemetery at the back of someone's farm. Although I couldn't find any names of my ancestors, it was worth a short stop.

Beautiful location for a cemetery with very, very green fields all around ...

I stopped at the little village of Creegh, to ask for directions to Craggaknock. There was a small group of people outside the Catholic Church so I pulled up the car and began a conversation with them. They were waiting for a bus to take them to Kilmihil for an afternoon tea dance. They had plenty of ideas for how to find Craggaknock. In the end, I also asked them for directions to Cragg, near Kilmihil. They seemed to know it well. So, in the end, they suggested I follow their bus back to Kilmihil and then they would direct me to Cragg. I could always come back to Craggaknock later.

I followed their bus back to Kilmihil.

Next step on my County Clare journey:

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