Sunday, July 27, 2014

Step 1) To Crusheen and Inchicrocan (re BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors)

These two places, Crusheen and Inchicrocan, were the first two destinations in my County Clare journey during which I was looking for places that my BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors lived before they migrated to Australia in the 1870s and 1880s.

Thanks to Des, Donna, Marjorie, Keith and Pat, and my dear old departed Dad, Carew, for all the information you have provided me with to fuel this search.

There is some evidence that some of our BUTLER ancestors lived and/or died in Inchicrocan or the Parish of Inchicrocan in County Clare, Ireland. This information is not yet fully verified but I thought it was worth attempting to find out if there was a place called Inchicrocan. My GPS and Google Maps took me to a small town named Crusheen (Croisín).

Inchicrocan was located just outside the town of Crusheen.  A new housing estate had been built in the area.

Some older homes and properties still existed on the outskirts of the new housing estate.

Next step on my County Clare journey:

Step 2) My first mistake: Cragg near Tulla (re BUTLER and FITZPATRICK ancestors)

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