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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Don't judge an ancestor by a gravestone-less grave

What was I doing, taking photos of plots of grass, leaves and weeds?

Well, while these photos may not look much to some people, they mean a lot to me and my family. They are the plots where some of my ancestors ended up, after long and sometimes short lives on this earth. The lack of a headstone, although disappointing for the genealogist in 2013, doesn't diminish the value of their lives. For this reason, I still want to remember them and mark the spot where they were laid to rest, although it doesn't look that interesting.

Yesterday, we visited about ten or so graves, most of them without headstones.

So, for the record, here are a couple of the gravestones and gravesites we found on our visit to Rookwood cemetery yesterday.

James Walter KINGSBURY (1867-1945)

My great-grandfather, James Walter KINGSBURY's grave has no gravestone but here is where is gravesite is located in the Roman Catholic Section Graves in  Mortuary 2 Section, Area 17, grave no. 142.

James Walter KINGSBURY

John Joseph WALTERS (1871-1935) and Margaret WALTERS, nee FLEMING (1866-1939)

My great-grandparents, John Joseph and Margaret WALTERS, are buried in the same grave: in the Roman Catholic Section Graves in  Mortuary 2 Section, Area 14, grave no. 1551. They do not have a gravestone on their grave but here is their gravesite:

John and Margaret WALTERS

Thanks to my Mum for coming along with me today for yet another full day of cemetery searching at Rookwood cemetery. The people above are her grandparents.

More ideas about searching for graves at Rookwood Cemetery

To find out more about how I used the search engine at the Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria site, go to their search engine page: http://search.catholiccemeteries.org.au/),