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Thursday, 7 April 2016

The sixth step in my A-Z of quirky ancestor antics - F is for Five Dock

Five Dock is a quirky name for a suburb in Sydney. As someone asked me once, "Why is it Five Dock and not Five Docks?" Who knows? It's described on Wikipedia as "a suburb in the inner west of Sydney" (Five Dock, Wikipedia, 7 April 2016).

The suburb of Five Dock is central to my family history, especially on my paternal grandparents' side of the family. "Going over to Five Dock," meant visiting my grandparents, Ellen (Nellie) and Leo NORTHCOTE. They lived most of their married life at 11A Murralong Ave, Five Dock. My father was born in the front room of this house.

A few years ago, I was contacted by an artist who had been commissioned to create a mural about the history of Five Dock. A photograph of my grandparents and my parents was featured in the mural.

Five Dock ... funny name for a suburb ... good place to live.


  1. I'd never thought about Five Dock being singular. Now I do it I yoo find it funny.

  2. Same here, Jill. Because I grew up with knowing "Five Dock" so well, it wasn't until I mentioned it to someone in Perth that I realised it was strange that dock was singular.

  3. It hadn't crossed my mind either...slow aren't we? How wonderful to have your grandparents' photo in the mural, which is interesting in itself. is it still on view?

  4. Thanks Michelle. The mural was a great gift to our family and many others from the old Five Dock days.

  5. What a wonderful addition to your preservation of your family history. I doubt many others can claim anything like it.

  6. And it all happened because of blogging:)

  7. Does anyone here happen to remember the name of the bakery (where bread was baked) that existed in about 1971 in Five Dock? Am attempting to make contact with someone whose father used to run the bakery. BUT I do not know the surname of the person.