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Saturday, 16 April 2016

The thirteenth step in my A-Z of quirky ancestor antics - M is for a magazine reunion

Back in 2009, I was sitting in a doctor's surgery at the University of Newcastle where I was working at the time. To pass the time, I grabbed a few magazines and ended up reading an article on page 46 in the 10 January 2009 edition of the New Idea magazine. The article was called Famine and Fortune which was under the banner of an Ancestry advertisement.

The article was about a woman whose great-grandmother, Ann Kelly (nee HIGGINS), had immigrated to Australia in 1862 (from Manchester in England and previously from Tuam, County Galway in Ireland). The article reported how Ann had been reunited with one of her sisters, Catherine CARRICK (nee HIGGINS), who arrived in Sydney 18 years after Ann.

Names mentioned in the article sounded very familiar and I realised the ancestors I was reading about were MY ancestors! Since then, me and my family have met up with the author of the article and swapped many, many family history stories.

You never know what quirky places will reveal stories about your ancestors. I certainly didn't expect to have a "find" in the New Idea.


  1. A pleasant outcome from your medical appointment.

  2. Wow!! What a coincidence that was! Fancy finding something like that in New Idea...definitely quirky.

  3. I've heard New Idea referred to as No Idea - but it definitely wasn't the case in this situation!