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Friday, 25 March 2016

We've come a long way from Tipperary ... using spreadsheets to display ancestors' hometowns

This is such a great idea that genies across the world have been getting into over the last few days - using a spreadsheet to illustrate your ancestors' hometowns using a pedigree chart format. This type of research, where we focus on the places where our ancestors were born is sometimes known as place-based research or geographic genealogy.

From what I know of my ancestors so far, here are my place-based origins, based on the birth places of my direct ancestors. The places include:

  • 27 in Ireland
  • 13 in England
  • 9 in Australia
  • 2 in Scotland
  • 1 in Wales

Does this mean I'm more Irish and England, than Australian?

If you'd like to see how other genies have used this idea, check out ...

Ancestors by place of birth by Jill Ball
DNA places and people by Pauleen Cass 
Just playing along by Aloner Tester
Origins and age at death by Carmel Galvin
Birthplace pedigree chart by Kerryn Taylor
Ancestors by place of birth by Vicki Court
A full day's distraction by Janelle Collins 
The Migration of 5 Generations of Ancestors by Sharon
Location, location, location by Ruth Standring
Where were they in the 1880s? by  Michael John Neill

I believe this trend of showing the birthplaces or other key details about your ancestors using a pedigree chart within Excel was started over the last few days by genie, J Paul Hawthorne. Thanks, Paul, for your idea!

If you find any more examples, feel free to add them to the comments below.


  1. Quite a few similarities for us. Thanks for the mention Maria.

  2. Yep, I'm sure our ancestors crossed paths somewhere way back.

  3. Thanks for the mention Maria.

  4. Here's mine :) http://janellestree.blogspot.com.au/2016/03/as-someone-cant-recall-who-sorry-said.html

  5. Thanks, have added yours to the blogpost.

  6. Thinking that I should have gone back a few more generations too :)

  7. Thanks, Sharon. I've added your blogpost link to the post above.