Saturday, March 19, 2016

A chin from County Clare, Ireland. A surprising find in a mis-labelled photograph

This photograph was found by a distance relative of mine who currently lives in Canada. He found it on an Ancestry tree where it had been mislabelled. He shared it with me in case I recognised anyone in the group photograph. Can you imagine how happy I was when I found a photography of my paternal grandmother sitting right in the middle of the photograph, with her mother on her right, Margaret Keneally (nee BUTLER)? Love the hats. This photograph has reminded me where my chin came from ... County Clare!

Margaret Keneally (nee BUTLER) and her daughter, my grandmother, Ellen KENEALLY
5 January 1929

I haven't included the whole photograph of the wedding that they were attending because I don't own the photograph. but it was a huge group of about 50 people. An amazing photograph for the time it was taken.


  1. Must look at your chin next time we meet.

  2. They are so alike - the chin, the nose, the eyes.