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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Week 2 NFHM Challenge: Working ancestors - Gang of working ancestors

Working ancestors

Week 2 - Sunday 14 August - Blogger Anne Young reminds us that 16 August 1891 was the date the Shearers' Strike Monument was dedicated. This week why don't you honour your working ancestors and the challenges they faced in their occupations.

In addition to all the unpaid work done by my ancestors in mothering, fathering, housework and farmwork, here is a selection of my ancestors' occupations that I have found in my research so far:

Margaret NORTHCOTE, nee RILEY (1843-1927)
Midwife, Nurse, Boarding house keeper, Domestic servant

William Walter NORTHCOTE (c.1843-1888)
Farmer, Draper, Stockman, Auctioneer, Storekeeper, Labourer, Clerk, School teacher, tutor

Carew NORTHCOTE (1879-1937)
Publican, Butcher

Leo Bertie Bede Bernard NORTHCOTE (1887-1970)
Tailor, Bar tender, Florist

George KINGSBURY (1843-1910)
Gardener, Gamekeeper

Lily Anne WALTERS, nee KINGSBURY (1902-1996)

James Walter KINGSBURY (1867-1945)
Greaser, Caretaker

Mary KINGSBURY (nee HOLLOWAY) 1844 to 1936
School teacher

Margaret BUTLER (1853-1946)
Servant, Property renter, Governess

Sarah (aka Sally) KINGSBURY (1881-1967)
Tram conductress

Walter John NORTHCOTE (1871-1954)
Wheelright, Cyclist agent

William Montgomery NORTHCOTE (1875-1933)
Hairdresser, Miner, Mechanic

Percival Ernest Phil NORTHCOTE (1881-1958)
Shearer, hotelier

Carew Joseph Trevor NORTHCOTE (1932-2002)
Electrical instrument maker

William Joseph KENEALLY (1860-1926)
Crane driver, Labourer

Patrick (aka Paddy) James BUTLER (1860-1943)

John Joseph WALTERS (1871-1935) 

John  Joseph WALTERS (1905-1970)
Tailor, Plumber, Presser, Painter

Grace WALTERS (1907-1992)

Thomas Gregory WALTERS (1909-1975)
Roofer, Painter

Margaret FLEMING (1866-1939)
Tailoress, Vesthand

Catherine CARRICK (1877-1912)

And now for some ancestors whose photographs I don't have ...

Elizabeth Warren HOLLOWAY (1815-1891)
Shirt button maker

Maria WARREN (c.1774-1855)

Joseph KINGSBURY (1789-1866)
Agricultural labourer, Labourer

William Henry KINGSBURY (c. 1817- c. 1890)
Agricultural labourer, Labourer

Thomas RILEY (c.1816-c.1875)
Shoemaker, Bootmaker, Publican

Henry (aka Harry) Augustus NEWTON (c. 1861-1930)
Engine fitter, gold digger, butcher, electrical engineer

Thomas NEWTON (c.1864-1926)

Arthur Francis NORTHCOTE (1884-1960)
Pastrycook, Baker

William KENELLEY (c.1819- after 1884)

James Joseph KENEALLY (1895-1955)
Wire worker

Michael BUTLER (1851/1852-1913)

Thomas BUTLER (1862-1929)
Inspector, Water and Sewerage Board 

Thomas Joseph WALTERS (1871-1939)
Storeman, Wool storeman, Wool classer

Patrick FLEMING (c.1830-1880)

Thomas CARRICK (c. 1837-1901)
Agricultural labourer, Labourer, Fuel merchant, Contractor, Carrier, Funeral carter

Mary Ann McLISTER (nee CARRICK) (1865-1939)

Thomas CARRICK (1868-1929)

Thanks to all their hard work, we are here today.

Thanks also to Alex  Daw for setting up this National Family History Month Blogging Challenge.


  1. Dear Maria - thank you for participating in the NFHM Blogging Challenge. This is a great post and a very neat idea to post photos together with occupations. I love how beautiful Lily's dress is and I am intrigued by Catherine the tent maker. What did I think a tent maker looked like? Not like Catherine :)

  2. Yes, isn't Lily's dress lovely - she made it herself. The oral history of our family's history is that being a tentmaker (seamstress of canvas, etc.) was a tough job but it did give the family a place to live when things were tough at some stage.