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Sunday, 11 January 2015

History in houses - Homes of our KINGSBURY and CARRICK ancestors

My maternal grandmother was a KINGSBURY and her mother was a CARRICK. They lived in Balmain, a suburb of inner Sydney, in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Although I don't have photographs of their homes from these times, I have gathered photographs over the last few years.

Balmain/ Rozelle, Sydney (1890)

Around  Mary Anne McLISTER (nee CARRICK) ran this shop in premises on 711 Darling St, Rozelle (then known as Rozelle).

711 Darling St, Rozelle
Photo taken in 2011

Just before Lily Ann KINGSBURY was married in 1937, she was living at this house in Asquith St, Auburn.

Surry Hills, Sydney (1893)

At the time of his first wife's death in 1893, James Walter KINGSBURY was living at 4 Hart St, Surry Hills. 

Funeral notice of Elizabeth KINGSBURY (nee CHESWORTH)
in the Sydney Morning Herald, 30 October 1893, page 8

11 Hart St, Sydney
Source: Google Maps, 11 Jan 2015

Balmain/ Rozelle, Sydney (1902-c.1905)

My great-grandmother's sister, Honorah STAPLES (nee CARRICK) lived next door to her sister at 8 Red Lion St.

8 Red Lion St, Rozelle
Photograph taken in 2009

Balmain/ Rozelle, Sydney (1902-c.1905)

My maternal grandmother, Lily Ann KINGSBURY, was born in this terrace house in 1902 in a suburb of inner Sydney that was known as Balmain at the time of her birth. This suburb is now known as Rozelle.
10 Red Lion St, Rozelle
Photograph taken in 2009

Auburn, Sydney

After my great-grandmother's death in 1912, her daughters Mary Elizabeth KINGSBURY and Lily Ann KINGSBURY lived with their aunt and uncle in Auburn. Mary lived with her aunt Mary Ann McLISTER (nee CARRICK) and Lily lived with her uncle Thomas CARRICK in Sutherland St, Auburn.
26 Asquith St, Auburn
Photo taken in 2009

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