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Sunday, 11 January 2015

History in houses - Homes of our NORTHCOTE ancestors

Yesterday I attended an excellent presentation at the Society of Australian Genealogists in Kent St, Sydney by Judy Keena titled Identifying Australian House Styles. It was a very helpful session with plenty of ideas for how to be an architecture detective when analysing old photographs including houses in our family history research.

While listening to Judy yesterday, I had the idea of tracing our family's history through our houses. Then I realised this could be a huge project - probably a bit bigger than I have time for at the moment. Instead, I decided to share a few photographs of houses from our family's history on a series of blogposts. The series of blogposts includes:

In this first blogpost of the series, I've included the homes of my NORTHCOTE ancestors in Australia.

Five Dock, Sydney (early 1900s to 1970s)

My father's and my grandparents' home at Five Dock in Sydney.

11A Murralong Ave, Five Dock, approximately 1925-1930

My father's notes on the back of the photo above

Front of 11A Murralong Ave, Five Dock in Sydney, approximately 1920-1927. 
Includes: my great-grandmother (Margaret NORTHCOTE, nee RILEY) and two of her sons, Leo NORTHCOTE (my grandfather) and Alf NORTHCOTE

11A Murralong Ave, Five Dock, approximately 1955-1965

11A Murralong Ave, Five Dock, late 1950s

My grandparents, Leo Bertie Bede NORTHCOTE and Ellen Maria KENEALLY,
 in the 1950s in the front of their Murralong Ave home

28 Northumberland Ave, Stanmore in Sydney,
where my father's family lived for a short time in 1935.

Drummoyne in Sydney (1958)

After their marriage in 1958, Carew Joseph Trevor NORTHCOTE and Margaret Anne WALTERS lived for a time in Tavistock St, Drummoyne.

8 Tavistock St, Drummoyne
Photo taken 2009

North Ryde in Sydney (early 1960s - current)

Our childhood home at North Ryde, being built in the early 1960s.

Later in the 1980s


  1. Wow! What a lot of work it must have taken to organise all of this. Well done! It's a lovely tribute to some beautiful family homes.

  2. Had fun doing it. Blogging is so much quicker than writing a book!