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Sunday, 29 May 2011

"I Remember" Five Dock

A few months back, I had an email message out of the blue from Joanne Saad, a mural artist. Joanne had been commissioned by the Council of Canada Bay to create a mural of old Five Dock in Fred Kelly Place, just off Great North Rd, Five Dock. As a result of seeing this blog and some of my posts about my family's history of living in Five Dock, Joanne requested a few photos from me about this time. The end product is absolutely fantastic. Joanne has created a wonderful mural depicting many, many scenes and memories from old Five Dock days, including an image of my family (parents and grandparents) sitting on a lounge at their home in Five Dock in about 1957. My mother, Margaret Northcote, went along to the launch last Thursday and, as one of the guests of honour being depicted in the mural, was interviewed and photographed with the mural (see photo above). Thank you, Joanne, for honouring our family in this way; my parents, Carew and Margaret Northcote, and my grandparents, Leo and Nellie Northcote.

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