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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Oh, Carole! Thanks for bringing this ghost to life

After 21 years of searching for information about my elusive great-grandfather, who used at least ten different first names, the researcher, Carole Riley, has finally shone extra light on some of the previously missing parts of his life. In a way she has brought his ghost to life by providing more evidence of his existence to add to my previous clues. Despite his use of many first names (George Bede, Henry, Walter Stafford and Harry), I have come to think of him as William Walter NORTHCOTE or Walter William NORTHCOTE.

Carole found his arrival in Australia on the unassisted immigration records that listed passengers arriving in Melbourne in 1864. Because all of the records and stories I had heard about him referred to his life in NSW, I hadn’t considered that he may have arrived in Melbourne. It took Carole’s unique view to consider research avenues that I hadn’t.

Carole also did some searching through rural NSW electoral rolls and found him listed on three of these rolls. These records match up with other records I have about the births of his seven sons throughout the midwest of NSW. He certainly covered some ground in his time: being born in Exeter in Devon, England, he died way out in western NSW in the town of Bourke. In his short life of 46 years or so, he lived and worked in Orange, Warren, Dubbo, Bingara, Bodangara, Wellington, Girilambone and Nevertire. He certainly seemed never to tire of travelling around!

As well as the information mentioned in this blog, Carole has also suggested a number of other leads and resources for me to follow up. Her experience and research skills certainly helped me break through a bit of this 21 year old brick wall. Oh, Carole! Thanks for bringing this ghost to life.

I’d happily recommend Carole’s services, here are her contact details:

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic finds.
    Carole also does an amazing amount of voluntary work for The Society of Australian Genealogists where she is a Councillor