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Friday, 10 June 2011

Who is she?

Many people have photographs of ancestors that they can't identify.

This woman's photo is in my mother's collection and we believe it to be someone from the Carrick family who migrated from England (previously Ireland) to Sydney, Australia in 1880. The family lived around the Balmain area of Sydney. This photo was taken at Tasma Studio, 176 King St, Newtown (as noted on the back of the photograph) so I think it was taken around 1896 when this studio is thought to have operated, according to the website Tasmania in Photographs.

Does anyone out there recognise her? If you do, please email me at mariaseddon@gmail.com


  1. I have a whole album of unknowns from the 1860s, and I know how frustrating it is to have tangible proof that someone existed but no clue about who it is! I've been reading your blog now for awhile because I love how you focus on family stories... i.e. history in a microcosm. I only noticed today that one of your research interests includes a Higgins family. This is a complete shot in the dark, but my grandfather told me that he had Higgins cousins in Australia (I'm not sure where they were from because his mother was from Ireland and his father was from England)... Related names might be Hill, Scott, Flynn, Knight or Kelley. No other details, but I thought "why not ask?"

  2. Wish I could help, but I can only echo the anguished cry. Have them myself.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Kathleen and Hummer. Much appreciated. Kathleen, my great-great grandmother, Catherine Higgins, married Thomas Carrick in Lancashire in about 1859, although both of them were originally from Galway, Ireland. They arrived in Sydney in 1880 with their five children, Mary-Ann, Honora, Patrick, Thomas and Catherine. Does any of this sound familiar?