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Monday, 23 May 2016

Zero kids - A blogpost I almost didn't write

As part of the Blogging A-Z Challenge in April 2016, I wanted to write this blog for my final Z blogpost but didn't feel brave enough to click the "Publish" button. Now, a few days later, I am taking the leap to publish this post because I do feel quite strongly about the idea of a family historian with zero kids.

Sometimes people without kids, like me, worry about how their many years of family history research will be saved or thrown away.

So, if you don't have kids but you are your family's archivist, or one of them, here is my ABCD of a few things you can do ...

A - Author a book or two and contribute a copy to the NLA

B - Blog about it, of course:)

C - Choose a relative as a caretaker of your research

D - Donate to a local or national genealogical society


  1. Pleased you published. We need to also share the stories of our Zero Kids ancestors so that they are not forgotten.

  2. Great advice! I am a zero kids family - and so is my sister and only sibling. All my research is designated to interested cousins. Thanks for publishing.

  3. You're welcome. There are a lot of us about:)

  4. How fortunate our family is to have you to discover and treasure our family history. You may have 'zero kids' but you have been a truly amazing Aunty to my two girls. You have been there through their challenges and celebrated their successes. Thank you for all you do uncovering the stories that are our family. How wonderful for us all and in particular, my girls, your nieces. You inspire us endlessly and remind us never to forget the past. From your sister, Monique x

  5. Thanks Monique:) I love finding out these stories and sharing them with you all. xo