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Friday, 24 April 2020

Tribute to Squadron no. 22 (City of Sydney) and Carew Joseph Trevor NORTHCOTE

To commemorate Anzac Day in 2020, I would like to make a tribute to my father, Carew Joseph Trevor NORTHCOTE, and the No. 22 (City of Sydney) Squadron of the Citizen Air Force in Australia, which was formed on 20 April 1936. My Dad belonged to Squadron no. 22 when he was in the Citizen Air Force in the 1950s.

In 2019 I visited the memorial plaque of Squadron no. 22 at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, with friends Dot and Cathy.

No. 22 (City of Sydney) Squadron plaque

The plaque was made in the same year that my Dad died, 2002, and it was dedicated on 16 March 2003 at a ceremony held at the Australian War Memorial.

For more information about the no. 22 Squadron, go to:
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No. 22 Squadron (RAAF), 77 Strike Wing, 1st Tactical Air Force - SW Pacific, Virtual War Memorial Australia 
No. 22 Squadron, Australian War Memorial
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No. 22 Squadron RAAF, Wikipedia 

Dad often spoke of his time in the airforce. He especially enjoyed the friendship with his mates, the travel between airforce bases as well as working on the planes. Dad's specialty was working on the electrical instruments and meters that were used in to fly the planes. His time in the airforce left him with a lifelong love of planes, flying and airports.

Dad at Daley Waters Airport, 1955

Darwin airbase, 1955

Dad at Pearce Airbase, Perth, with machine gun bullets for a Vampire plane

Refuelling with portable pump at Woomera, en route to Darwin, 1955

Earlier this year, I purchased a replica of a patch from Dad's Airforce squadron - Squadron 22.

Rest in peace, Dad.

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