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Saturday, 1 June 2013

That County Clare look

Is there such a thing as a County Clare look?

One of the women staring back at me from a photo in a book about Inis Meàin (middle island of the Aran Islands, off Galway, Ireland) reminded me of my ancestors from County Clare. Quite a few people from Inis Meàin originally came from County Clare.

Inis Meàin woman:

My great-great grandmother, Mary Fitzpatrick, from County Clare:

My great-grandmother, Margaret Butler, from County Clare:
And her sister, Ellen Butler

My great-grandmother, Margaret BUTLER, and her sister Maria BUTLER, in 1884,

My grandmother, Ellen Keneally, born in Sydney:



  1. I always see the 'Hehir look' in photographs of any Hehirs and figured that must be because they were somehow related to my Great Great Grandmother (even if very far back), maybe it actually is a County Clare look :)

  2. Hi Aillin, since I wrote this blogpost in 2013, I've since found that one of my BUTLER/FITZPATRICK ancestors in Doolough, County Clare had a sponsor/godparent with the name of Margaret Hehir in September 1868. Do you know where your Hehir ancestors were from in County Clare?

    1. Hi Maria, I just found this message. My Hehirs were from Killow, Clareabbey Parish.

  3. Pretty sure there were Hehirs in Broadford. There is definitely a "look" in common but is it ancestry or county Clare. Very much an Irish look.