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Monday, 16 January 2012

Walking in their footsteps Part 3: Wellington to Trangie


My NORTHCOTE and NEWTON relatives lived in and around Wellington from 1871-1876, probably closer to or in Bodangora, just outside Wellington.

This little town of Wellington had a beautiful cemetery with both old and new graves. Lovely mountain ranges in the background.

Some graves were of people from varied nationalities who lived in the Wellington area in the early days of the town - reminding me that our early ancestors in Australia were not just from the UK. I couldn't read the date on this grave but it was in the early section of the cemetery, so I guess the person was buried in the mid to late 1800s.

As usual, with every cemetery visit, there is often one grave that stands out for some reason more than others. This grave was one of the graves that I couldn't walk past without wondering a thousand thoughts about the poor wife and the poor children who were left behind after their beloved husband and father died at the young age of 33 years.

Transcription from the headstone (with original spelling):

In memory of
Diederich Peterson
who departed this life
on 9th April 1877
Aged 33 years

A better husband never lived
A kinder father never died
This honest heart no man deceaved
His manly spirit knew no pride
His memory fondly in our hearts shall rest
Love while on earth, in heaven for ever blest

Further details of the grave are recorded at: http://austcemindex.com/inscription.php?id=7647048

The town of Wellington also had plenty of old buildings to wonder about. There was no shortage of history to check out. Shame I had so little time in this town. Will have to go back one day to explore further.

Bodangora, near Wellington

Three of my great-uncles were born in Bodangora or Bodangora Creek, just outside of Wellington:
  1. Walter John NORTHCOTE (born 16 May 1871)
  2. William Montgomery NORTHCOTE (born 1875)
  3. Alfred Joseph NORTHCOTE (born 15 September 1876 )


William (Bill) Montgomery NORTHCOTE

Alfred Joseph NORTHCOTE

Here are a few of the scenes from around the tiny locality of Bodangora:


Another one of my great uncles was born here in 23 April 1879, Carew Aloysius Standish NORTHCOTE.

It's a town full of busy corners, old buildings and churches. Although you couldn't tell from the photos below, we hit the town at the 5pm peak hour and it took quite a while to drive a few blocks of Dubbo because of the traffic. This was the last town where we had anything close to mobile phone coverage (thanks Vodafone!).


The cemetery at Narromine was our main focus when we visited this town.

One of my great-great uncles, William RILEY, was buried here in 1927. While visiting his niece, he fell ill and finally died in Nurse Tancred's private hospital.

William's sister, Fanny PEEK (nee RILEY), also lived in Narromine. She died here in 1916 and is buried with her husband, William PEEK.


A small town where some of my RILEY and NEWTON ancestors lived. Some descendants of the RILEYs may still live here.

Next blogpost ... Gillawarrina to Girilambone (Part 4)

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